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Maya Riya-Arjuhmool Lakshmi, 17
I hate cumquats












Stepping on Jordans in the hood prank

this is the cardinal sin you know if u step on some jays you gonna get your ass whooped and they need to stop coming in the hood with this bs, im sorry but the last one has me screamingggg i was dyinggg these guys are idiots

fr fr these punks are gonna fuck around and end up dead and who’s gonna really feel bad for them????

I hope they get murdered

Read the comments though. Black people are antagonized from every direction, and when we’re defensive towards white people it’s a problem. This shit is lame and they need to stop

"it’s just a shoe" dude how about I walk up to you and crack your iphone screen with a knife.  it’s just a phone.

Can’t wait till the actually get their nose broken

Are you fucking serious? They are only shoes, and they aren’t even that good looking. No wonder people are scared of black people, they worried this is gonna happen to them. If you don’t like the stereotype that you’re gonna hurt someone, DON’T FUCKING REINFORCE IT!!!

You’re dumb and racist as hell.

Am I? I didn’t say anything racist. Those guys stepped on people’s shoes to see the reactions, and nearly got killed. The first time the guy got thrown to the floor. It’s only a god damn shoe, not a fucking holy grail or something irreplaceable!

I got $20 on this dude’s blog being deleted before midnight EST. 

Who cares? lmao this race shit don’t even exist to me. It’s about to be 2015 we need to move past separating everyone into groups

This situation isn’t a racial situation, but those two faggots do to black people for entertainment. And you’re dumb as fuck to think “racism” doesn’t still exist. vprophet

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Yasmeen Ghauri backstage, early 90s



Love this!!! @nubianskin does lingerie in NUDE shades for all skin tones!!

white privilege is as simple as having a bra to match your skin tone..

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